Life at Saras

Doing our bit for humans before the machines take over.


Our Core Values

Our core values establish a foundation upon which the company operates, provides direction, and a instills a sense of purpose for our company.

Core Values


We are here to build relationships. Business happens as a result.

Core Values

Continous Improvement

Excellence is our destination. Continuous improvement is our way to get there.

Core Values

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity and transparency are essentials pillars for long lasting relationships and success.

Core Values

Customer Success

Customer is at the epicenter of everything we do at Saras and their success is paramount.

Core Values


Striving for excellence in every aspect of our life is the norm at Saras.

Core Values


We take pride in our work and that begins with taking ownership, first and foremost.


Current Openings in Hyderabad

Come join us at our engineering and Global Engineering and Delivery Center (GEDC) at Hyderabad. We are happy to host you at our office if you are interested in knowing more about us. Send us a note!

Software Developer

Job Id: 14456
Eligibility: 2-4 years of experience in Java Proficient in Java, SQL and REST APIs

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Lead Developer

Job Id: 14457
Eligibility: 6 years of development experience in Java Prior experience in leading teams

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Content Writer

Job Id: 14458
Eligibility: Must have strong language skills Prior experience in developing content for Marketing Analytics

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Data Analyst

Job Id: 14469
Eligibility: 1+ years of experience in SQL with strong analytical skills Must be a self starter and thought leader

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