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Posted On: 30 Jan 2020

Lead Scoring on FreshSales

Lead scoring is a technique of ranking captured leads in order to determine their prospective sales-readiness. Leads are explicitly scored based on the interest they show in a product or service, their current spot in the buying cycle, and their fit in regards to the business. Brands score leads by assigning points or implementing rankings. Lead scoring enables Brands to decide the state of all the prospects whether they require fast-tracking or slow treatment with lead nurturing.

FreshSales helps businesses to manage Leads effectively. They have an automated system of assigning a Lead score to all the captured prospects based on basic criteria like phone calls, emails, etc. in addition to the custom rules that you add based on your business needs.

Popular Lead Generation Efforts on FreshSales

Lead generation is vital for capturing enormous traffic which results in more sales and higher conversion rates. Here is a list of techniques that are used by Brands in order to create good lead generation traffic

  • Lead generation companies – If there is no sufficient quality leads in your CRM or Database, you can buy leads from popular lead generation companies such as Hoovers, SalesOptimize, Datafox, etc.
  • SEO – Another method to capture leads is improving the SEO of your website so you appear on the first page of Google for keywords that describe your product or service. This will help drive traffic to your website and increase your inbound sales leads. 
  • Landing Pages – These can be used to capture leads through the use of forms, offers, trials etc.
  • Webinars – This is an online conference where the presenter discusses a topic relevant to the industry with his customers watching live.
  • Blogs – Posting Blogs of high quality, especially in other websites, will generate sales leads and backlinks to your website.
  • Whitepapers – They are typically an authoritative report or guide on a subject that is interest to your potential customers.
  • Directories – These are useful listings if you are a B2B company selling a product or service.
  • Press Releases – Issuing press releases enable brands to drive traffic to the website thereby creating inbound sales leads. 
  • Partner referrals
  • Existing customers – Your existing customers are a rich source for acquiring more sales leads.

Lead Nurturing Efforts on FreshSales

FreshSales Lead management software not only attracts leads and discover where they come from, but also manage them effectively so that they can become loyal customers. Below are the few ways in which leads can be nurtured from FreshSales:

  • Content marketing and email marketing are both highly effective options you can use for nurturing leads.
  • Segmenting leads is a way to discover which groups of leads are likely to buy into your brand
  • Engage brands and influencers through partnerships. This will help to prove to the potential consumers that you can be trusted.
  • Regular contact in the form of emails, SMS messaging, and social media followers with prospects will give you a clear understanding of their major needs and purchase decisions. Hear them out to have detailed ideas about their needs so that you can propose the most compelling solution.
  • If your method captures leads whose pain points your company can solve, then the nurturing work becomes easier.

Lead Value calculation on Freshsales

The value generated by the leads will not only be in terms of the revenue earned through their purchases but the time and effort spent on them. By calculating the lead value for every source, it will help us in determining the most profitable source which generates the maximum amount of leads with high value. Calculate lead value by each source to get a more comprehensive idea on how to budget the marketing. You can also use a simple formula where:

Lead Value = Avg Sale x Conversion Rate

Measuring Lead Quality on FreshSales

Now You have used all techniques to capture the leads. However, before nurturing or putting effort into them you have to assess the quality of leads. This will help you to determine whether the value generated by them will be worth the effort or not. This quality check can be done through the following metrics:

  • The revenue they will be generating
  • Studying both the positive and negative responses by them
  • Time taken by them to convert
  • Number of follow-ups required
  • Monitoring their page Visits
  • Area of interests

How Daton helps in assessing Lead Quality on FreshSales?

Daton, an effective data pipeline empowers Brands to convert quality leads into potential customers through seamless integration with popular data sources. It will collect data from FreshSales to get important information about the captured leads. There will be information from accounting softwares like Freshbooks and sales databases in case the converted leads made a purchase. There will also be data from project management softwares like Jira. All these relevant data clubbed together in the warehouse will facilitate in developing leads into prospective buyers.Gift a delightful journey to your prospective customers with DatonClick Here to explore now.

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