Product improvements Using Customer Support Platforms

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Posted On: 21 Nov 2019

Product improvement is enhancing existing products by a firm which are already marketed and sold to customers. There are various challenges a company faces particularly from competitors while altering products due to changing customer needs and technology improvements.

Potential benefits of product improvement can be:

  • Match or outperform competition
  • Meet changing consumer needs
  • Leverage improvements in materials or manufacturing technology
  • Provide a variety
  • Energize the brand
  • Input into marketing communications
  • Increased retailer interest
  • Arrest declining sales

The majority of e-commerce businesses employ automation to communicate with customers in different ways. Like automated emails with order confirmations, shipping information, and follow-up content are now widely considered a standard part of the online buying process. Though these emails are helpful, most shoppers simply delete them after reading or ignore them even before reading. However, you can make your automated content more interactive by sending them via a live chat interface instead of using email. Chat interfaces are powerful tools that various platforms use to improve their customer service. These conversational interfaces help businesses to know their customer better which is pivotal to their growth.

Did you know that these chats APIs can also enable brands to enhance their products using the data collected during these conversations? The chatbots or customer executives directly interact with the users and get to know their taste, preference, budget, many more key indices. Presently, there are two varieties of chatbots: normal chatbots and intelligent chatbots which are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Most of these chatbots can integrate seamlessly with other popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram or any website interface. Tickets raised from each customer regarding several issues speak volumes about different products used by them and their feedback on them. This data can be analyzed to further improve the products or the customer service itself.

Automated chatbots solve a fundamental problem, They enable businesses to cater to a large number of concurrent users, thereby reducing the waiting time and increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. All this at a fraction of the cost of having appropriate human resources for the same amount of chat volumes. Reduced wait times also reduce bounce rates in the chat supports and thus results in more engaged users giving their opinion, leading to a larger data pool enabling more accurate analytics. The data mined from the chat interfaces can help a business gain insights into their products & services enabling them to come up with a better version of the product which would ideally sell more, cost less to produce, have features that the users want. This would increase the popularity of the product organically, thereby ultimately reducing marketing budgets. The data can be used to further improve customer service thereby forming a positive feedback loop.

Using Daton for Product Improvement

A lot of data points and variables are generated from customer support chat interfaces like, ideal wait time, a number of representatives required for a given chat volume, an ideal time to resolve a ticket, ideal product logistics, features, pricing, marketing campaigns etc. So there is a need to efficiently & securely channel this data through a pipeline into a data warehouse for further processing to enable easy and efficient analytics. Daton: an exclusive product of Saras Analytics is into solving this exact problem for all brands. The data pipelines can easily extract all the relevant information from a multitude of Chat interfaces and product performance. Interfaces where customers will be giving direct feedback about the products and also how they want those to get improved. Along with detailed customer data, this product information will play a crucial role in improving the product performance. 

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Arunima R.C.
Arunima R.C.

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