Why Amazon MWS is So Popular Amongst Sellers?

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Posted On: 18 Feb 2020

What is Amazon MWS ?

Amazon Market Web Services, popularly known as Amazon MWS, is an integrated web API that provides access to various information on Amazon Seller Central. This API grants access to a variety of information associated with a Seller Central accounts on a real-time basis, thus providing users updates based on activity on the same account.

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. Millions of Seller sell their products on amazon everyday. With so much competition and so many different aspects involved in daily operations like Refunds, Shipping, Prices, Advertisement, Reviews, Ratings, etc, it is actually astounding how much data s single seller generates every day. This makes it impossible for sellers to handle the entire operations manually and they rely on software applications or tools to automate the process.

To streamline their operations, many sellers thus rely on specialized business apps that tap into the Amazon Marketplace Web Service APIs, which can integrate data including sensitive customer information like names, emails, delivery addresses, etc. There are tools that tap into this data by making use of Amazon MWS to automate everything from simple tasks, like printing shipping labels, to complex processes like monitoring key metrics like user reviews, Ad spends, sales volumes, competitor performance, etc.

Amazon MWS API provides the following benefits:

  • Increase selling efficiency.
  • Sellers may develop applications that make use of their Amazon seller accounts with MWS and make them available to other Amazon sellers.
  • Diminish response time to customers.
  • Sellers may allow third-party developers to access their Amazon seller accounts with MWS.
  • Increase levels of selling automation, via XML data integration.
  • Sellers can access their accounts via different applications.
  • Reduce labour requirements.

Why do so many people use Amazon MWS?

Amazon MWS API enables sellers to exchange information on listings, buyers’ orders, payments, and reports, among other tools. Amazon listing, order, and payment data are integrated into already existing business workflows, enabling sellers to use Amazon in accord with their already existing business practices. Whether you sell on the Amazon marketplace or directly supply Amazon itself, it becomes mandatory to maintain the accuracy and consistency of product, inventory, and order data across all of your sales channels. The Amazon MWS API is divided into sections based on functionality. 

The list of relevant information that can be extracted from Amazon MWS are:

  • Order Details
  • Inventory Details
  • Recommendations
  • Marketplace Participations
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Financial Events

Why should all Amazon MWS users be using Daton ?

Connecting to the Amazon MWS is crucial to automate processes with your Amazon Seller Central Account so that you can optimize your process and make the most out of Amazon. With Daton, the easy to use data pipeline by Saras Analytics. It has never been easier to integrate Amazon MWS. Daton makes learning how to integrate Amazon a breeze, as our platform guides you every step of the way through a very user-friendly setup.

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