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10 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Used By Marketers in 2020 | Saras Analytics

10 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Used By Marketers in 2023

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Customer Acquisition is one of the most important aspects of any business. It involves the process of bringing new customers and clients to the company. The cost of operating any business keeps on increasing with time, and the demand from existing users keeps on decreasing. Thus new Customer Acquisition becomes vital for companies to ensure sustainable growth along with the latest market trends and changes. However, acquiring new customers effectively and efficiently requires an in-depth analysis of large amounts of data that is generated from different sources on a regular basis. Creating timely reports and consolidating all the data becomes a nightmare for marketers. Let us look at how top marketers devise the best customer acquisition strategies.

10 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Used by Marketers

Marketers use CRMs to know their potential customers intricately. CRM software does not manage customer acquisition on its own but will provide the users with the tools to manage the activities for better customer engagement and experience. The following are the best practices to strengthen Customer Acquisition Strategies:

  • Define Your Target Audience – The primary step that is required is to identify the right users or target audience for your product. Most of the time, it will be observed that your product is the perfect solution to a problem a specific demographic of consumers are facing. I find out who they are and focus better on your customer acquisition efforts. Find out the correct demography from Google Analytics reports.
  • Use the Right Acquisition Channel – It takes much effort to find the right channel. Set clear goals for yourself and your campaign. This will help you to select the proper channel for the most effective acquisition. See whether the correct channel for you is Youtube, Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Linkedin.
  • Leverage Video Content – With decreasing attention span nowadays, visitors do not like to read through lengthy text materials. Since most users generally skim through content, large blocks of text are never the best idea to hook your site’s visitors. A great solution to this is to leverage video content. Humans are known to be visual learners, so Video content is the best medium that can help you reduce the bounce rate on your blog articles and landing pages.
  • Lead Generation Tools – You can quickly increase the number of leads you generate through the use of highly relevant, self-qualifying tools. FreshSales, LeadSquared provide effective lead generation and nurturing tools.
  • Offerings – Customers sometimes need more than just words or promises to convince them to pay for your products and services. To win over these consumers as loyal buyers, you should consider doing giveaways. The easiest way to implement such a customer acquisition strategy is to run giveaway campaigns on social media.
  • Create High-Quality Content Regularly – By creating quality content, not only do the users get a clear idea of the value they would gain from your product, but they also build loyalty and transfer knowledge to the users regularly.
  • Focus on SEO – Search engine optimization is the essential customer acquisition method. This strategy boosts your website’s traffic to an extent so that you obtain more leads and conversions for your business. SEO involves optimizing your site to rank better in the search results. Use tools such as Ahrefs, Google keyword planner, Neil Patel.
  • Run a Referral Program – Building a referral program is proven to be a very efficient strategy to bag new business through your customers. Most consumers prefer to rely on the advice of their friends and family while going for a new product. Use tools like Advocately, Friendbuy, Invitebox to create referral marketing campaigns.
  • Create Optimized Landing Pages – Start by optimizing your landing pages with several call-to-action buttons. When it comes to customer acquisition, your landing pages should direct consumers to buy your product or service. Experimenting with A/B campaigns can effectively improve your customer acquisition on landing pages. Use WebEngage, Intercom, to optimize all your landing pages from marketing campaigns.
  • Improve Website and Email Engagement – Send customized emails to people depending on the stage of the customer acquisition process. This is considered to be the most effective customer acquisition strategies, which helps you stay in front of your target audience, promote your content, discounts, and product information. Being the easiest way to connect with and acquire new customers, this is the most popular among all other strategies. Tools like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor facilitates the process.

Challenges Faced By Businesses In Customer Acquisition

The process of customer acquisition usually involves the parallel use of several platforms, apps & tools. Popular CRMs like FreshSales, LeadSquared, Salesforce, and marketing & analytical tools like Google Analytics, WebEngage, Intercom, Mailchimp generate a considerable volume of data. Usually, the process involves manually exporting and comparing multiple excel sheets, creating complicated reports which require a lot of time & manpower. The reports lack accuracy, and also, there is a substantial time lag. The decision-makers at the end of this flow will be the ones most confused by this complexity. The delay also leads to loss of efficiency and bleeds out a considerable amount of money. To simplify the matter, all the data generated from each source should be consolidated in a data warehouse to be used for analysis.

Improve Customer Acquisition Strategies With Daton

Daton is a highly automated data pipeline that will fetch all of the relevant data from various sources at a set frequency and store in the data warehouse of your choice after the process of integration is completed. Extract all the useful tables from the data warehouse, analyze and utilize them to devise better Customer Acquisition Strategies. The cost of acquiring can also be reduced by optimizing all the channels.

Acquire more potential customers at a reduced cost and earn more revenue.

  • What are customer acquisition strategies?
    Brands may expand their consumer bases and boost their visibility with the aid of customer acquisition strategies. Its significance to your company's expansion makes it crucial. An overarching method of business and technical management developed to complete a project successfully within predetermined time and budget limits, with a focus on identifying and mitigating the project's most significant risks. As an example of a tried and true customer acquisition technique, many B2B companies offer a free trial of their product for the first 15 days of service. This tactic helps bring in new leads for the company, which the sales and marketing departments can work to convert into paying clients.
  • What is the goal of a customer acquisition strategy?
    Getting new customers and expanding your business's cash stream are both essential to your success as a startup. It helps bring in new customers for your business. Gaining a larger customer base can boost your business's revenue and bottom line. Strategic mergers and acquisitions can be profitable for all companies involved since they help reduce duplication of effort and increase earnings. It makes use of extra channels of distribution that can help you sell more of your products.
  • Why is a customer acquisition strategy important?
    Acquiring new consumers is an essential part of every successful business. This is accomplished when a consumer buys your goods or signs up for your service for the first time and represents a major milestone for any business. The opportunity for expansion is a major factor in any company's decision to pursue a merger or acquisition. Your company can expand its market share by acquiring or merging with another company of any size.
  • What are the different stages in the Customer acquisition process?
    In this phase of the consumer life cycle, they become familiar with the brand and its products. The next stage is for them to express interest in, or formally add, the items or services being offered. At last, they settle on becoming the company's regular, paying patrons. It all starts with a plan and a target. Know exactly what it is you hope to accomplish by starting this company. The combined worth of the companies should be more than the sum of their parts. While discussing strategies for expanding our businesses, we small business and startup owners often use the terms "client acquisition" and "sales" interchangeably. While both are essential to the success of your company, they serve quite distinct purposes.
  • What is B2B Customer Acquisition?
    Inbound marketing, lead creation, and customer reviews are just a few of the marketing channels that can be used in a B2B customer acquisition strategy. The point is to show them how your company is the solution to their difficulties. Customer acquisition includes the entire customer journey. The client acquisition funnel consists of the Top-Of-The-Funnel (TOFU) activities, in which broad audience awareness and engagement are prioritized.
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