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What is Blog with Saras?

Blog with Saras is a program crafted to enable technical experts in the data warehousing, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Science fields to share their knowledge with the young professionals who as aspiring to build a career in this rapidly growing space.

Why contribute to Blog with Saras?

In addition to the impact you can have on people interested in the field of data engineering, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Science and growing your own personal brand, you can also make money!

  • Create Impact

    Imagine the impact you can create on young and seasoned professionals alike by sharing your expertise and helping fellow professionals learn from your experience.

  • Earn Money

    Every post you publish will be paid in two ways. One, an immediate payment upon publishing of an approved post. If your post contributes to our revenue, you get a share of that as well!

  • Global Recognition

    An article published lives on forever on our website. What that means for you is that your name will be seen by thousands of data professionals visiting our site daily and thereby helping you get global recognition.

Share your expertise in easy-to-read aticles

Share your expertise in simple, easy to understand, and concise articles crafted to educate the reader and offering something that can impact their understanding of the fast-evolving data landscape.

How to do something on your own?

Articles explaining how a user might be able to do something on their own by following clearly laid out instructions with sample code.

  • How to replicate Amazon RDS to Snowflake?
  • How to build a customer segmentation model?

Guides and Tutorials

A comprehensive guide or tutorial explaining the capabilities of a technology and best practice guidance

  • How do partition data in Amazon Redshift?
  • ETL Best Practices

Comparative Studies

In depth articles explaining how a set of technologies compare when pitted against each other

  • How does Looker Compare to Tableau?
  • How does Amazon Redshift compare to Snowflake?

Technology Overviews

Overview articles of how a particular technology works and details of its internal working.

  • Snowflake Architecture
  • Evolution of data warehousing technology

What are we looking for?


Do not promote your product or service in the blog

Impactful Content

If you have a point of view, we’d love to share it with the world


Share relevant information that readers can implement or learn


No prizes for using complex words or jargons


Do not repurpose other’s work


Give credit where credit is due. Link to articles that may have influenced your views

What topics can you write about?

We are on a mission to make data a strategic asset for every company, regardless of their size or geography. We believe that the only way to achieve it is by contributing to the development of the professionals in the data ecosystem and hence this effort.

Data Engineering

  • Topics may include How to Guides on Airflow, dBT, Python, Luigi, and other approaches to data engineering.

Data Warehousing

  • Topics may include how to Guides, Comparative analysis, performance tuning, SQL querying best practices with examples, Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift.

Data Modeling

  • Topics may include dBT, Airflow or any other best practices related to data modeling.

Data Visualization and BI

  • Write about Looker, PowerBI, Tableau, comparison between these tools, Pricing, and other related topics

Data Analysis

  • Write about what KPIs you track for a business, the impact of tracking these KPI, and the techniques used, decisions made on these KPIs, and how KPIs can be organized to support business decisions

Data Science

  • Write about how sales forecasting, demand planning, NLP, attribution can solve key business problems.

How to get started?

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